Survey Report: Implications of Stress on CISOs

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CISO is a role that takes a toll. The smaller the company, the more likely it is for members of the security team to feel stretched thin. But how does that constant pressure impact the mental health of industry professionals and the bottom line of their employers? 

Our survey seeks to capture quantitatively a snapshot of CISO mental health across SMBs today. Hundreds of responses shed light on the root causes of acute stressors — and opportunities to alleviate the pressure. 

  • In cybersecurity, stress is the norm
    94% of CISOs say they are stressed at work.
  • Stress weakens security
    65% of CISOs say stress compromises their ability to protect their organization.
  • Stress drives churn
    74% of CISOs had team members quit last year due to on-the-job stress.
  • Stress exacts a physical toll
    77% of CISOs say work stress is damaging their physical health.

Solving the cybersecurity stress crisis

Interestingly, CISOs seeking stress reduction aren't desperate to expand their team's headcount. Here are the capabilities they crave to better cope with day-to-day IT challenges:

  • Automation

    51% say that automating time-consuming repetitive manual tasks would be helpful.

  • Consolidation

    57% said consolidating multiple security technologies on a single platform would decrease work-related stress

  • Expertise

    49% say that having access to expert cybersecurity guidance and recommendations could reduce their stress.

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