Decided to move on from your NGAV/EDR? A Guide for Small Security Teams to What’s Next

Like most small security teams, you’ve figured that the EPP/ EDR does not suit your needs any longer. All the blind spots, alert accuracy, manual processes and management aspects are creating a burden on your resource-constrained team.
The trending solution is to transition to an XDR. How do you make sure you won’t enter again a lengthy implementation cycle and worse yet, to find out later that the solution created more work on your end?

Decided to move on from your NGAV_EDR_Cover_Image_193x254

This ebook walks you through 6 steps
to help you easily transition to an XDR platform.

  • Cover the pros and cons of keeping the EPP/ EDR solution and adding compensating technologies versus transitioning to an XDR
  • How to build the business case and find the budget to ultimately provide you with more protection without increasing expenses
  • List out the various XDR capabilities and offerings so you can shortlist the vendors to those that best suit your environment
  • Refer to an already created RFP template for XDR protection and other resources geared towards small security teams to help reduce pre-implementation efforts

    Remove unnecessary hurdles from your breach protection transition by downloading the ebook today!