A Guide to Stress-Free Cybersecurity for Lean IT Security Teams

There was a time when lean IT security teams could only look at their larger, more well-funded teams with envy. Fortunately, better technologies and an increase in knowledge have made stress-free security a reality for lean IT security teams. Today, it’s not about who has the most toys or the biggest security budget, but who can build the best strategy.  

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stressless security guide

Read our newest guide to learn more about how:  

  • Stress-less security isn’t about the size of your team, but how you deploy it
  • The SIX Key Components to a successful Stress-less security strategy (prevention, detection, correlation, investigation, remediation, and oversight)
  • You can stay ahead of cyber attackers without straining your team
  • The constraints of the past can be turned into advantages for lean security teams

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