Holiday Season
Cybersecurity Essentials

Tis' the season for...cybercrime.
Cyberattacks in November and December increased by 30% in 2021! For security leaders like you, there is no time like the present to ensure all your controls are in place.

Cynet’s holiday offering contains everything you need to improve your organization’s cyber posture: 
✓  A free trial of Cynet 360 AutoXDR to put protection against advanced threats on autopilot 
 Get tips, tricks, and templates below to brush up on best practices for comprehensive protection

Content essentials for a secure holiday season
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White paper: XDR Simplified

In this white paper, you will learn how XDR enables small IT teams with limited budgets to gain enhanced visibility to stop threats.

Security Framework Guide

This guide shares the two frameworks that have emerged to help you succeed in managing both cyber risks and threats to your organization.

IR Reporting Template

Download the Incident Response reporting presentation template to quickly build out a new strategy for your organization that accounts for both, best practices and your team’s needs.

The Essential Guide for Response Automation

In this guide, you will learn how to use "Response Automation"; what benefits to expect; and how to select the right level of automation.

Cloud Security Guide

With this ebook, you'll learn how to overcome key cloud security risks and challenges with a strategy that is sustainable, scalable, and (most importantly) achievable!

Implementing Zero Trust

This ebook explains how you can simplify your journey to zero trust with a holistic strategy and select the best adoption methodology for your organization.

Cyber Insurance Guide

Small security teams will find this guide helpful in understanding the basics of cyber insurance and how to incorporate it into their security plan.

Threat Visibility Guide

In this guide, we dive deep into visibility for lean IT security teams, what tools to use, how to properly use deception technology, incident response, and the threat problem itself.

The Guide for Solving Alert Overload and Handling

If your lean security team struggles with alert overload, don’t despair. This guide will outline several practical solutions and key tools to consider for automating the threat detection and response process.

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