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The Slack Channel for the security executives outside of the Fortune 2000 to build your network, ask questions, share insights, get guidance and more

First, congratulations, you are at the pointy end of the spear, you’ve made it to an InfoSec executive role! 

But if you're outside a very large Enterprise and resource constrained, welcome to one of the most stressful, challenging, mind-bendingly frustrating, exasperating and unforgiving roles within the technology arena. You probably have a small team that’s on the ragged edge, wearing multiple hats and juggling tactical and strategic decisions on an hourly basis. Lucky you!


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Chris Roberts

CISO, Researcher, Hacker, Consultant and Chief Security Strategist, Cynet

Chris is considered one of the world’s foremost experts on counter threat intelligence and vulnerability research within the Information Security industry. Since the late 90’s Chris has been deeply involved with security R&D, consulting, and vCISO services in his quest to protect and defend organizations against various types of attack. As one of the well-known hackers and researchers, Chris is routinely invited to speak at industry conferences and is regularly featured on the CNN, The Washington Post, WIRED, and numerous other media publications.


Even so, you manage to pull everything together to make it work, keeping your organization safe. Wouldn’t it be great to have somewhere you can talk about these solutions, ideas, and experiences, and learn from others in the same boat? The good news is you're not alone.

This community, managed by vCISO, Researcher, Ethical Hacker and Consultant Chris Roberts, was built to share, to help, and to be available for those moments when you simply don’t know what way is up or which way to turn. 

There are lots of reasons why you should join: 

  • Build a network of colleagues you can talk with, rely upon, ask question of and know you’re all in the same boat. They might not have all the answers either, but they might know whom to ask OR whom to avoid! 
  • Gain additional insight from likeminded peers and collaborators who will share experiences, insights and guidance where appropriate. 
  • Be part of a community that’s able to share information, actionable intelligence and tactics that we are all facing on a daily basis. Use those insights to better educate and improve your own organization’s maturity and resilience. 
  • Go off topic on occasion… we’re fortunate to have some folks within the community that can opine upon food, cooking, whisky, bourbon, wine, travel, horology, vehicles, climbing, diving and a whole lot more… sometimes it is good to take five minutes and ignore the world. 

Come and join us in the InfoSec Leaders community. It’s not that we don’t want the Fortune 2000, but they already have an entire world catering to them. This forum is for everyone else.  

Register here, and we’ll send you an invite.