The Practical Guide to the MITRE ATT&CK Evaluation

The MITRE ATT&CK evaulation is a yearly milestone for the cybersecurity industry, and the 2020 evaluation offered some fascinating insights. The ATT&CK evaluation’s unique approach ignores comparative analysis in favor of a more actionable individual test which shows each vendor’s capabilities to detect and respond to a variety of the most common attacks. 

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Cynet is proud to be a participant in the ATT&CK 2020 evaluation, and we are excited to share our results with the world. Some of the highlights of Cynet’s evaluation include:  

  • 100% visibility and detection across all 20 MITRE attack steps  
  • We detected 96% of the attack techniques used in the evaluation  
  • We scored the highest in terms of data source utilization, with 15 unique data sources 
  • We provided 100% detection and protection for Linux operating systems 


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