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Luckily, Cynet has the resources you need to quickly shift back into work mode. Download the whole kit or select the resources à la carte to hit the ground running.

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Security Leader Back to Work Toolkit à la carte

9 Best Practices for CISOs

Read these 9 best practices for CISOs to help you quickly build a framework for sustained security success.

Security Framework Guide

This guide shares the two frameworks that have emerged to help you succeed in managing both cyber risks and threats to your organization.

IR Reporting Template

Download the Incident Response reporting presentation template to quickly build out a new strategy for your organization that accounts for both, best practices and your team’s needs.

Threat Visibility Guide

In this guide we dive deep into visibility for Lean IT Security teams, what tools to use, how to properly use deception technology, incident response, and of course, the threat problem itself.

The Essential Guide for Response Automation

This guide explains the term "Response Automation" and how you can use it; what benefits you may expect; and how to select the level of response automation that is right for you.

The Guide for Reducing SaaS Applications Risk

Read this guide to learn what are the key risks surrounding SaaS applications and how to minimize the securing risks associated with SaaS applications and vendors.

The Guide for Centralized Log Management

Our guide to Centralized Log Management for Lean IT Security Teams can help you build a smarter log management model, to gain greater transparency and visibility into your environment.

The Guide for Stress Less Cybersecurity

Download this guide to learn the 6 key components to a successful Stress-less security strategy: prevention, detection, correlation, investigation, remediation, and oversight.

Achieving 24x7 Threat Monitoring and Response

Our guide shows how the two-pillar approach helps lean security teams achieve 24x7 threat monitoring and why it should no longer be optional.

The Guide for Speeding Time to Response

Download this guide to discover the six key elements of an effective incident response plan, as well as the best technologies that lean security teams can use to accelerate incident response.

The Guide for Solving Alert Overload and Handling

If your lean security team struggles with alert overload, don’t despair. This guide will outline several practical solutions and key tools to consider for automating the threat detection and response process.

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