The Guide to Speeding Time to Response for Lean IT Security Teams

When it comes to cybersecurity today, organizations need to be prepared for a marathon of everyday tasks to protect their environments. However, they must also always be ready to break into a sprint when an attacker successfully penetrates their defenses. Security teams with large budgets can do this easily, thanks to seemingly endless resources, but what about leaner IT security teams?  Luckily, there is quite a bit they can do, but it starts with having a good plan and the right resources in place.


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Read our newest eBook, The Guide to Speeding Time to Response for Lean IT Security Teams, to learn:

  • How an incident response plan is crucial to react faster to attacks
  • The six key elements of an effective incident response plan
  • How to leverage automation to improve your response time
  • The best technologies that lean security teams can use to accelerate incident response